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Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>


I assume by "Trusts" you mean "Equipment Trusts." If so, perhaps the governing trust can be traced in the sundry MOODY's RAILROAD MANUALS. In the 1955 MANUAL, the Central had 21 different Equipment Trusts outstanding of which only 10 included freight cars of which three included boxcars.

MOODY's, however, does not include either Trust No. or car numbers. Can you provide the date of authorization, date of maturity, name of bank which was trustee? Any such data you can provide should provide a clue which the trust was except for the merest of descriptions below:

Trust #7 (in 1955 MOODY's): - Authorized Date - Jan. 1, 1949; Maturity Date - Jan. 1, 1964; Trustee - Guaranty Trust; 1,000 55-ton Boxcars as part of the Security.

Trust #13: - Date - June 15, 1950; Maturity - June 15, 1965; Trustee - Guaranty Trust; 505 55-ton Boxcars as part of the Security.

Trust #20: - Date - Jan. 1, 1953; Maturity - Jan 1, 1968; Trustee - Irving Trust; 1,000 55-ton Boxcars as part of the Security.

Moody's changed the numbers of these Equipment Trusts as they matured and new ones created.

I don't know of any alternative to MOODY's in determining what equipment was secured by what trust. Perhaps, someone with detailed financial records of the NYC can provide better answers.

Tim Gilbert

Ted Culotta wrote:

I have finished the NYC 40' steel box car decal set. However, there is
one thing I would like to add that I don't have for all of the cars. In a builder's photo I have of NYC 175252 (postwar 10'0" IH AAR box
car) it has a stencil below the trust plate that contains the following
info: "TRUST NO. 11252" Does anyone know what this Trust No. might be
for the following:

IHB 10600-10999, Lot 730-B (Modified 1937 AAR box)
NYC 159000-159999, Lot 734-B (Modified 1937 AAR box)
NYC 161000-161999, Lot 735-B (Modified 1937 AAR box)
NYC 162000-163999, Lot 743-B (Postwar AAR box)
NYC 164000-164999, Lot 759-B (Postwar AAR box)

It doesn't appear that the 1937 AAR cars had this stencil, but if I am
wrong, can someone please let me know. Also, the paint data triangles
appear to be something that came with the Gothic lettering schemes. Is
this correct or did they appear sooner?

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