Re: painting with an airbrush


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I was wondering if any of you simply run water, or other
cleaning agent, through an air brush between colors and continue
painting, only disassembling and cleaning your airbrush at the end
of the painting session? Could I "gum up the works" going this

I always do it that way, except when changing brands of paints. Then
I'll change the tip and bottle. After wiping out the bottle I'll
fill it with thinner and then blow that out(with Floquil I use MEK).
I'll use a fresh bottle if the two colors are incompatable. I leave
the air cap and needle soaking in thinner for the paint I used for a
few days.

One summer during college I had a job painting iron railings. I
started out doing a very complete clean up between colors (usually
flat black, gloss black or white). Then my employer told me to skip
that and just run some thinner through the gun. After a while the
white rails were coming out light grey. Actually that didn't matter
much in most cases as they were over painted with a pastel color.


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