supporter versus customer


I was surprised by the passenger car RPC and probably would not have
bought it if it was a different publication.

But I am a supporter of RPC, not a customer. I'll buy whatever they
sell as long as the direction remains the same. I was a subscriber to
RPC when that option was available. Sending one check instead of a
couple is that much easier for me.

Too, if a model comes out that's less than pefect I will not hound a
small manufacturer to death or ask for a refund.

PFE R18 reefers use the taller wood body, not the original one that
came with the kits I bought.

I don't think I'd buy another Sunshine B&O wagon top box car either.

I want Pat and Ed to keep on publishing and if they drop the ball I
know that their hobby store sales will suffer.


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