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Thomas M. Olsen <tmolsen@...>

I will second the motion for CNW (CSt.PM&O) and PRR K8 stock cars in
addition to any number of NYC flats, gons, and box cars from the late
30s-early '50s period. These cars were all over the place on the PRR
in the early '50s and it is not unusual to see loaded foreign road stock
cars outnumbering the PRR owned cars coming east or empty on WBD's
enroute to interchange points to return to their home roads. Had to get
them off theproperty as soon as possible to avoid the per diem!

Tom Olsen
Newark, Delaware

Tim O'Connor wrote:

Richard Hendrickson wrote

FWIW, I have photos showing C&NW and D&RGW stock cars off-line in
places as far away from home rails as Southern California, Southern
Arizona, and Western Washington.

Add CStPM&O at Union Furnace, PA in 1951, and a C&NW at Binghamton NY
in 1959. Also D&RGW, Santa Fe, NP and GN in Iowa. GN in Denver, usw.

Tim O'Connor

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