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Greg martin's post made me think of a way of using a very complimentary reply Gene Green made to a post I made on another group.

So, here's my promotion for 'Prototype Rails'.

Mike Moore and I will be giving a presentation showing ideas for building a prototype layout. We will use my layout as an example. I hope this and Greg's post will wet everyone's appetite for this upcoming meet.

The following is from Gene's post. Thank you Gene.

I've had the privilege of seeing Clark's layout. It is really nicely done. Clark was very
creative in what was and was not modeled.

I can't really tell if Clark used any "selective compression." I
suppose he did but it is a compliment to his skill that you don't

Anyone with a modicum of familiarity with the M&StL's trackage in Mason
City will recognize what they are looking at on the entire layout. You
know you've been there.

Two other features of Clark's layout are noteworthy. he has made
efficient and even clever use of his space and, second, the way he has
done things permits him to accommodate visitors very comfortably.

Gene Green

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