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Jeff English

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I know Westerfield has the NYC USRA 40' boxcar in various forms,
and I have
3 to build, but I really need this car in similar quantities as
the Red
Caboose X29's so while I will take pride in the Westerfield cars I
have, I'd
still like to see them in plastic. (How's that for one sentence!)

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY
Well, Brian, the NYC USRA-clone all-steel box cars are a good
illustration of what I'm talking about. AFAIK, the Westerfield kits
are the only available HO models of these cars, and not counting
variations in lettering and doors, there are, what, four variations
available? (single- or double-door, Murphy or Dreadnaught ends). If
you count every variation of what would be a distinct "shell" for
modeling purposes, the NYC USRA-clone all-steel box cars would
require at least thirteen shells to model only the as-built
variations (that I can think of off the top of my head without
studying the situation). Later rebuilds add several more distinct
shells required. Now you have shells and then you can start dealing
with doors, trucks, KC-to-AB brake conversions, and all the various
paints schemes and you have hundreds of permutations just for
modeling these 32,700 cars out of two million freight cars. And the
Westerfield models are the only ones available in HO, plus a few O-
scale brass models and zero in my S-scale (which I intend to do
something about eventually).

Jeff English
Troy, New York
through which Abraham Lincoln's train passed twice, going to his
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