Re: RCJ/RPC/Clubs/etc.

Justin Kahn

I always think of Rail Car Journal as "Cockle (editor)" rather than "Kratville (publisher)." I have almost a complete set (lacking only the second issue on refrigerator, which seems to be particularly popular) with a few extras. I find it often useful, although more limited than I should like, as they have a number of unusual historical views. So far as I can tell, most of the captions are accurate (unlike the laughable H&M series).
I have some of the Casdorph, which were all over the map (topically and choronologically); they have their uses, if one can pick and choose which issues to buy.
A last thought about RPC's direction: I make no apologies for favoring shortlines (which mostly solves the problem of being able to operate fully without joining a club), so while I have some passenger equipment, it is scarcely class I. Virtually all common freight cars can logically appear on the C&C, but frontline passenger equipment, such as the lightweights of #11, are of negligible use to me. I applaud Pat and Ed's decision to a division of responsibility with Ted Culotta on modeling articles, as we minority-scale modelers will not feel so marginalized in choosing between them.
Jace Kahn, General Manager
Ceres and Canisteo RR Co.

Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 10:35:01 -0800
From: Tony Thompson <>
Subject: Re: freight car magazines

Ed Mines wrote:
Anyone know the story of the Kratville series of freight car magazines
printed around 1980?
Not sure what Ed means by "story" here. They are a most
miscellaneous collection of photos, obviously whatever Bill had at
hand, with many oddball cars and a certain number of railroad PR
photos, and sometimes erroneous captions. That said, they can be useful
sources of info. I have issues 1 through 5, which I think is all there
ever were. You see them for sale occasionally. Bill told me that the
sales were abysmal.

How about the "Freight Car Journal"? I subscribed (or was a member)
for a while but the subject matter didn't interest me - it was mostly
current stuff but every so often a pre1900 drawing would show up. This
(or society) is long defunct, right?
I'm not sure if it's still around, though someone on the list
will know. My reaction was exactly like yours: poor focus, and a
tendency to do contemporary cars (they did do a nice issue on the
historical IC fleet).

"Prototype Modeler" and it's predicessor regional magazines had a lot
of freight car articles. I was sorry when they stopped publishing.
Richard hendrickson wrote some articles for them. I wonder what the
story was?
Money (not enough of it) after it was sold. Richard Hendrickson
may want to add more.

Tony Thompson
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