Can there be a car for most RR's?

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Tim Gilbert says:

"Just like Boxcars, there were "generic" designs for hoppers, gons &
general service flat cars which, if released in kit or RTR form, could
make such releases "money makers." It would be best to ascertain what
these generic designs were, and provide manufacturers with information
as to what roads had them."

And, Richard Hendrickson says:

"A case
might be made for modeling the latter in styrene, but models of C&NW
stock cars would only be correct for the C&NW, etc., and barring
profound changes in the marketplace I can't imagine a mfr. of
injection-molded styrene models making the substantial investment in
tooling that would be required. That's why I wrote earlier that such
cars are a better bet in resin than styrene (and note that Westerfield
and Sunshine already offer a number of models for, e.g., MILW and MP
stock cars which will almost certainly never be offered in styrene).
FWIW, I have photos showing C&NW and D&RGW stock cars off-line in
places as far away from home rails as Southern California, Southern
Arizona, and Western Washington."

Greg Martin adds:

I have seen plenty CNW stock cars on the PRR in the mid-50's, perhaps more
than PRR stock cars as well as NP and "Q" cars... So, why not a good styrene
"Q" stock car and a good CNW stock car? They would sell.

Tim, Richard and Greg note the fact that stock cars are rather unique to specific RR's. One might argue that there is some analogy to...gasp...a variety of N&W hoppers which, while unique, were built in great numbers and could be found all over the industrial midwest and Pochantas region. From what we read, it appears that stock cars may have wandered even more...perhaps in a similar vein to box cars. In recent yrs, due to strenuous efforts by many that inhabit the STMFC, the fact that foreign frt cars are a GOOD thing may be getting through to at least those that inhabit the STMFC. Will that notion ever be understood by the general buying public? Probably not but, if it was, a car unique to a single RR that went far and wide would be a viable choice I would think. IOW, it MIGHT not be necessary to produce a frt car common to 5 or so RR's IF the buying public knew the car would be found on their choice of matter WHICH RR...and in Greg suggests.

Mike Brock

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