Re: Can there be a car for most RR's?

Greg Martin

In part Mike closes with:

"IF the buying public knew the car would be found on their choice of
matter WHICH RR...and in Greg suggests.

Mike Brock"

Mike's marketing abilities are gleaming through...

Richard and I make a practice of reviewing marketable prototypes at the end
of each summer and the list continues to grow, some are covered as was the
case with the 65-foot mill gondola and others are still on the "hit list".

The market is ready for several "stand alone" prototypes such as the B&O
Covered Wagon Box car (by the way we believe has been tooled just not released)
and the NYC AAR 40-foot box (with both ends) is an other good example of a
car that needs to be done and just hasn't. Others include the Santa Fe Re-built
reefers with plug doors, who could refuse a few of these in a consist (other
than those that don't model the depth of the transition era?) and how about
the Santa Fe RR-54 to 56 early mechanicals? But what Mike says rings true...

Not taking anything away from Ted Culotta's efforts in RMC on his series of
essential freight cars, but if I could make one criticism of the effort, it
is that it stops short of the true freight car revolution. It fails to deal
with the PS-1's in it's continuing evolution of roof changes, end changes and
underframe changes, as well as AC&F's entries into welded cars. However; the
good that Ted has done is to raise the bar on awareness and to that end I
compliment him.

Perhaps what we do need is a parallel set of articles that introduce the
cars where Ted leaves off. Can a working stiff like myself do it alone, NO WAY!
I don't have the luxury of being at home as I am the primary bread winner.
Sound familiar? Well, the goal should still be that we meet the goal head on
and if we were all as proactive as say Monte Switzer and did at least one
article a year on the era from 1948 through and including 1960 then we would
attract even more attention to the general public and to ourselves with the
producers. Let's face it, Richard Hendrickson and Ted Culotta can not accomplish
all that we need to have them do... They shouldn't...

All of us have a special interest in our Railroad and our little part of the
world, even Elden doesn't want to model the PRR in Philly... So, if we were
to put forth just one article a year to a given magazine then we might
achieve our goal in about 25 years or so... 3^) Sometimes, I just like to think
outside the box, and work on a "lark" as they say, like the KCS car, but I
guarantee you I have other motives for this Cross-kit-conversion and it will lead
to the PRR at some point... But as I have said I have 1 NP stock car and I
have scratch-kit-bits from my brothers "Q" cars that appeared in MM, but I
want several and I want a CNW car as well, and why because the photo evidence
shows they were their regardless of the national stat's... I want Santa Fe plug
door rebuilt reefers and I want several and mechanicals, be them ATSF, PFE
or FGE prototypes... We are far from done. The pipeline needs to remain full
for at least tem more years and as we pass then the Baby boomer can complete
their wish list with the next generation MR producers...

So to believe that prototype specific cars will not sell is silly and I
think some may just have their heads in the sand. Numbers don't lie and look at
the sales of the R50b and I know of at least two fellows that turned me down
on the project...

"We want the world and we want it now!"

Greg Martin

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