Re: Unproduced frt cars


I agree although think the '32 ARA/AAR would be more desireable as
it goes more to the heart of this list's era of concentration. The
Fowler car trails off considerably - I know I have a few of Al's and
will run them in my late 40's sessions but drop for 50s. Of course
as a MP modeler, I'm prejudiced as they were a big user of the '32
car which was seen in various sub roads, variations of paint scheme

Jerry Glow

--- In, "Earl Tuson" <etuson@s...> wrote:

I would suggest the 40' "Fowler" box cars.
lots of snipping
They shouldn't be any worse to tackle than an injection molded '32
ARA/AAR, and were numerically more significant when considering the
total built.

Earl Tuson

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