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The 32 car would be an excellent car and I have discussed this car with a major manufacturer and they have said that there are too many variations to make it a profitable venture. Too many roofs and end variations that would cost too much to tool up and produce. Also, the lack of MAJOR roads owning these cars is a problem as well. No matter what a few of us on this list think, the Seaboard Air Line and the Missouri Pacific, being the major owners of these cars, do not have enough sales potential to justify the production of these cars....

Denis Blake
Columbus, OH

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I agree although think the '32 ARA/AAR would be more desireable as
it goes more to the heart of this list's era of concentration. The
Fowler car trails off considerably - I know I have a few of Al's and
will run them in my late 40's sessions but drop for 50s. Of course
as a MP modeler, I'm prejudiced as they were a big user of the '32
car which was seen in various sub roads, variations of paint scheme

Jerry Glow

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