Re: Unproduced frt cars

Miller, Andrew S. <asmiller@...>

I have two new (HO) candidates not yet mentioned.

First are the postwar rebuild box cars. They are distinctive in their
side sill adaptation of wide bodies to narrower AAR underframes. My
particular interest is in the PRR X29b's and d's, But other RRS did
the same. Tichy makes a model of an obscure PMcK&Y car like this, but
its dimensions are inappropriate for any other road.

The second candidate is a small tank car. Trix botched the 6k gal cars
recently and no one else has ever attempting anything like it. There
were some very interesting 4-6k gal cars, often in the ever popular
colorful schemes of private owners. I have kitbashed a model of a 4k
gal Ethyl tank car,
tml) but would love a kit for others like it.


Andy Miller

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