Re: Unproduced frt cars


Even I will admit X29s are "universal" regardless of road modeled. I
remember the 1st resin kit I bought was one of Al's USRA single
sheathed cars and I agonized over what road to choose. Even as an
avowed "Pennsy hater" at the time, I had to admit that was the best
choice due to sheer numbers and visibility.

But going back to Dennis' comment about the '32 cars taking that
further, you could rule out just about anything. I guess we could
just take the Walthers approach and just paint it in the "holy 13"
and let the modelers sort it out themselves. :(

Jerry Glow

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Denis Blake says about the "32 car":

No matter what a few of us on this list
think, the Seaboard Air Line and the Missouri Pacific, being the
owners of these cars, do not have enough sales potential to
justify the
production of these cars....
Perhaps. If so, then such other, even more unique cars such as the
B&O round
top or even the X29 would not be viable. Yes, the X29 might not be
Pennsy but it certainly isn't a car of a number of well known
RR's. As the
MR public DOES become more aware, hopefully, projects such as
the "32" will
become more "doable".

Mike Brock

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