Re: GSC "Commonwealth" 54' Flat Cars.

Tim O'Connor

1951 -- GM&O 72000-72049
1952 -- ATSF 93275-93286
ATSF 93300-93499
MKT 15301-15325
1953 GM&O several groups w/ bulkheads
1954 ATSF 93500-93799
RDG 9300-9356
WABASH 100-249 (spread out orders to 1956)

and no doubt others...

Tim O.

For which railroad in mid 50's is this type correct?
(And i still don't have the 8.000 gallon UTLX car by Proto 2000,
who is willing to sell one of they're unbuiled kits?)

Arnold van Heyst

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