Re: GSC "Commonwealth" 54' Flat Cars.

Bill Kelly

Not all GSC flats are created equal. These 1951 blt GM&O cars are 50 ton
cars and the side sill is different than the Walthers car. The steel
showing in the deck is also different. The deck of these '56 blt WABASH
cars is considerably different. The AT&SF 1952 Ft-W 93300-93499 and 1954
Ft-3 93500-93799 are very close to the Walthers car, the others I don't
Bill Kelly

Tim wrote:

1951 -- GM&O 72000-72049
1952 -- ATSF 93275-93286
ATSF 93300-93499
MKT 15301-15325
1953 GM&O several groups w/ bulkheads
1954 ATSF 93500-93799
RDG 9300-9356
WABASH 100-249 (spread out orders to 1956)

and no doubt others...

Tim O.

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