Re: Extreme Modeling/how crazy am I!?

Larry Kline

My most extreme model was my first O scale freight car model. I built a
World War II emergency twin hopper. The frame is brass, the side
stakes, hopper door frames, and hopper doors are Cerro Safe castings
from my brass patterns. I entered the model in the NMRA contest at the
1977 national convention in Denver and won first place competing
against a number of On3 and HOn3 freight car models. I posted an in
progress photo of the model in the STMFPH files section. The file name
is _WW II emergency twin hopper.jpg_

After building this model I realized that I had to choose between
scratch building a few highly detailed, prototypical freight car
models, or building a layout. I choose the layout. Fortunately, quite a
few prototypical O scale freight cars are now available in plastic and

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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