Re: Unproduced frt cars


--- In, Richard Hendrickson
<rhendrickson@o...> wrote: "train set bozos"

You mean new guys? It would be nice to keep the hobby going.

Maybe 8 years ago I has a P2K gon on my desk at work and I had
replaced the plastic parts with wire wherever it could be done.

A salesman who I ate lunch occasionally saw it on my desk and his
eyes lit up. That was nothing compared to his reaction when I turned
the car over to show the brake rigging.

I gave him a similarly assembled model a few months later. He told
me his son really liked the car too.

I guess some "men on the street" like detailed prototype models at
least as much as toy trains.

You younger guys should encourage the train set guys. Hope that some
of them will take up the slack when the old timers go to the great


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