Re: Unproduced frt cars

Gene Green <bierglaeser@...>

Let's not be too hard on the "train set bozos" or newbies or those
with a less developed sense of accuracy or whatever.

First, their money helps keep the hobby alive for the rest of us.
They may not buy freight cars of which we approve but they buy track,
power supplies, scenery materials, locomotives and so on.

Second, I started out as a train set bozo myself. I like to think
I've progressed some since then but so what if I haven't.

Without the less discriminating modelers, aka bozos, we'd all be
scratch builders because we aren't numerically superior enough to
keep any of the manufacturers in business.

Things may not always progress in exactly the direction we might wish
but every aspect of the hobby is getting better. New and better
freight cars come out regularly and that will continue. More and
more modelers are awakening to the fun (and frustration) of more
accurate modeling whether we are speaking of freight cars or scenery
or operation or locomotives or sound or control - you name it.

As Ed Mines has said, we need to encourage those train set guys.

Gene Green
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You mean new guys? It would be nice to keep the hobby going.


You younger guys should encourage the train set guys. Hope that
of them will take up the slack when the old timers go to the great


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