Re: Freight TRAIN Consists

Tim O'Connor

Tony Thompson wrote

There is a simple way to do this, by creating some "random" draws
of car cards, along with a pattern in most industry deliveries and
shipments. I used to do a clinic on "realistic operation" which covered
how I did this. It was not particularly complicated to devise nor at
all labor intensive to implement.
Tony, EVERYTHING at a club with 600-700 freight cars is labor intensive
and difficult to implement (and especially to repeat month in/month out).
Randomness can be more sublime when it is coupled with rules. I don't
want a 2 bay PS2 assigned to the wheat elevator for example. But that
means that club members must be able to distinguish a 2 bay PS2 from
a single door box car. For you a piece of cake, for some some members
of the club, quite a challenge! :-)

You think I'm kidding, right? I'm not.

On the other hand, rules for oddball cars should ensure that they do
not show up all the time. Some may only be seen once a year.
I worked up some of these "oddball" appearances, though none so
rarely as "once a year!" Now that's a rare car, but of course realistic
in a sense.
If you only operate 20-24 times a year like the North Shore club, once
a year is not as infrequent as it seems. In a year we might get through
6 to 7 "days" of railroad operation.

An infrequent visitor might be a depressed center flat car, or a Southern
Pacific stock car (this is West Virginia after all)... Not the kind of cars you
want to see frequently, but they're nice to see occasionally :-)

Tim O.

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