Re: Unproduced frt cars

Tim O'Connor

As Ed Mines has said, we need to encourage those train set guys.
Gene Green
Gene, I agree the 'bozos' are helping us out, but most of what they are
buying does us no good at all. Schuyler posted an article link on sales at
Lionel and MTH, which are currently BOOMING -- sales have tripled in the
last few years. Atlas has been crowing about their new "Trainman" line
and if you like Lionel, then you'll like Trainman, is all I have to say about
that junk.

Also 'bozos' does not explain Branchline's success.... There must be more
than a few people who want good stuff and are willing to build it. Or maybe
there is just one really rich nutcase buying it all! ;-)

Tim O.

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