Re: resin kits

Miller, Andrew S. <asmiller@...>

1 - I learned (I think from this list) about Locktite super glue. I
have become a BIG fan of it since. It does not set in the bottle
anywhere near as fast as other brands. It seems to exhibit a room
temperature shelf life of years! Its available at Home Depot.

2 - I use KADEE #8s whenever I am building a car whose interior floor
is visible (gondolas, flat cars, cabooses, hoppers, etc) The #8 is
identical to the #5 except that the center post has a tap hole for a #0
screw rather than a clear hole for a #2. Kadee claims its for Talgo
couplers, but if you cut the provided screw short, you can glue the
post half of the pocket to the floor and then screw the cover on to it
without ever having the screw poke through the floor!


Andy Miller

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