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came across a photo of an NYC caboose on George Elwoods site today
that shows a partial Pennsy 40' round roof single door box car in it
as well. Has this car been modeled in O scale? I believe Bowser has
the old Athearn HO kit.
How many of these cars did the Pennsy have?

This car is part of the X31/a/b/c/d/f/g 40' boxcars. The single door cars
are X31A class 40' box cars number series 67400-68999, 69999-70399 and
76400-81099. (Note: These are 1953 number series. Some of the original 5900 cars
were gone by then and others had been rebuilt into other subclasses.) The
X31A came in both a sgl and dbl door version and with inset and flush roof.
Dbl door cars were equipped with Evans Autoloaders.

Bowser's cars X31A sgl door and X31A dbl door was new tooling when
introduced. They are not the old Athearn cars which only resemble a PRR car by having
a round roof. Another example of Irv taking a great deal of artistic

Rich Orr

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