Re: Sunshine Pleasanton meet

charles slater

Martin is comming out in March and will be in Paris on March 4, and his one day show is going to be in Buena Park on March 5, at the same place it was last year.
He has decided NOT to do the show in Pleasanton any more as it did not pay for itself, and was a money looser. He is going to be at winterail on March 11.
Charlie Slater

From: Garth Groff <>
Subject: [STMFC] Sunshine Pleasanton meet
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2006 15:19:57 -0500


Does anyone know if Martin Loftin has announced a date for his prototype
modelers' meet in Pleasanton this year? I may attend if I can get air
and rental car reservations, but the last couple of years I didn't
receive the flyer until almost the date of the show.

I tried to call Martin, but the telephone number I have on some old
correspondence is wrong. The fellow who answered the phone said he gets
calls for Sunshine all the time. :-&#92;

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

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