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Don Worthy wrote:
Also, does anyone know of a source for HO scale waybills? I've seen
several models with this detail added. What information would it have?
Probably you mean placards or route cards, not waybills (they
traveled in the caboose). The lettering is so small on most of them
that it's not readable in HO scale, but there have been commercial ones
with legends like "UNLOAD OTHER SIDE," and similar wordings which are
large on prototype placards.
Don, IN HO scale, Microscale set 87-975, "Hazardous material Placards
for Freight Cars (1945-1970) might be what you are looking for. The
sheet has many useful placards of the type Tony mentions, not just
hazardous material signs.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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