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benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Scott Pitzer wrote:
"C&O had a handful of aluminum box cars, but they've got nothing to
do with this auto car kit... maybe he means for you to use the
diagram as a guide for layout of the WHITE lettering on your box
car. (Does that diagram have the Progress logo or not?)"

Don Worthy wrote:
"Yes, I'm thinking this was he way of showing me where the lettering
is to go. Yes, it does have the "Progress" logo."

The C&O Historical Society website has online photos of these cars
as built:

The C&O paint and lettering diagram for the cars as built are also
available through the society webstore:

Select "Box Auto" from the drop down menu and type "9500" in the car
number block.

For photos of these cars in the "For Progress" lettering, I
recommend you get a copy of the C&O Historical Society Magazine
articles cited in my last e-mail. These are far better to work from
than a Champ lettering diagram for a different series of cars that
isn't entirely correct for the car that you're working on.

Ben Hom

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