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Recently I have experimented with fitting the Sergent coupler to
Accumate's scale width box (Dennis Storzek, are these boxes available
No they are not, because I kind of hoped that Frank Sergent would do a
shank version to fit these, and he could then handle the sales of the
boxes. But Frank seems to be stalled on this project, so send me a
private e-mail telling me how many you want, and I'll give you a price.

I cut off the shank at the point the round hole and
the rectangular slot meet. I then narrowed the remaining shank on
each side of the rectangular slot. Using a round tapered file I
filed a circular hole at the top of the slot (nearest the coupler
head/knuckle) to match the curcular mounting boss in the Accumate
draftgear box. It fits like a charm and swivels fine.
Does it set the knuckle out far enough from the box? The striker horn
on the knuckle should be appx. three scale inches from the end of the
box, appx. .034". I looked at this once and decided the better way to
go would be to slice the boss out of the box, then the 0-80 screw just
fits in the back of the slot, with room for a couple of coils of the
"friction spring" in front of it. The problem with this set-up is the
need to close the end of the slot with something substantial enough to
take the draft forces of the entire train.

Dennis Storzek

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