Re: ACF type 27 8K Navy, Gas & Supply Co. (CTTX) reweigh questions.

Arnold van Heyst

So that happened also !!!!!!

Do you have some photo's for us all to see?

Arnold van heyst.

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On Jan 16, 2006, at 12:59 PM, Arnold wrote:

Mr. Hendrickson,

Is there a UTLX car number list including the truck type they've
received between 1947 & 1960 (if known)?
If so, where to find it?
No. I have a 1952 UTL roster which includes a lot of information about
gallonage, heater coils, etc. but nothing about trucks. As is often
the case, you have to depend on photographic evidence (which sometimes
shows different trucks on the A and B ends of the same car).

Richard Hendrickson

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