Re: An interesting train


There was alot of metallurgical grade coal mined in Arkansas.
Between Little Rock and Fort Smith on the MP, South of Fort Smith on
the Frisco and some in eastern Okla. Since MKT served the area
around Fort Smith they were probably in on the action as well. This
grade of coal was so much in demand it was even shipped to Europe on
special orders.

George A. Walls

Of even more curiosity is the fact that there
are 7 cars carrying coal west to SLC, 3 carrying coke, and all but
one are
gons from such RRs as MP, MK&T, L&N, DLW, N&W, SLSF, and NYC. Given
that MP
and the "eastern" RR cars would have had access to metallurgical
coal, I'm
curious about the MK&T car and its source of coal. In fact, a better
question might be...What coal? That of Southern Illinois? How would
that be
so different from that of Rock Springs or Utah coal? Or...was it
some form
of metallurgical coal from further east? The lone hopper is a 2 bay
MP car.

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