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Tony Thompson

Mike Brock wrote:
How would that be
so different from that of Rock Springs or Utah coal? Or...was it some form
of metallurgical coal from further east?
From what a metallurgist at Kaiser in Fontana once told me, one should never confuse Utah/Colorado coal with "real" metallurgical coal--for example from West Virginia. But in fact, "met" coal IIRC just means low sulfur, low ash and might not always even be good coking coal. This, BTW, should not be confused with "steam coal," another beast altogether.

The train contains 3 PFE reefers, one carrying meat [ an R-40-23 number 6764
{ is this surprising, Tony? }], one carrying merchandise [ huh? car # 60699
R-30/40-18 ]
Almost certainly cut meat, as PFE owned very few cars (and no R-50-23s) equipped for meat hooks. The merchandise car is doubtless a dry car being used as an insulated box car, not uncommon in that era.

To cap off this
interesting train is an ATSF flat car carrying tractors. Regretfully there
is no mention of way or another.
Judging by Richard's and other evidence, ATSF may have been one of the few roads to creosote at least some of its flat car decks, so maybe there IS some mention after all . . .

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