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Brett Whelan asked:
"I'm modeling 1958 and would like to model a USRA panel side hopper.
I haven't been able find any photographic evidence that any USRA
(30' 6" inside length) panel side cars existed this late."

Tim O'Connor wrote:
"Try looking at SLSF, Rock Island, Wabash, Ann Arbor, NYC... I know
there were non-panel side USRA rebuilds in the 60's but I'm not sure
of the panel side cars."

Wabash/Ann Arbor: Chet French covered the Wabash cars. The Ann
Arbor panel side cars, AA 30700-30724 were actually the 33 ft IL
panel side cars built new for the Wabash, accurately modeled in HO
using Stan Rydarowicz's conversion kit using a laser cut Athearn
carbody with resin blister panels. You can also use the Pikestuff
panels in a pinch, but they're not 100% accurate.

SL-SF: SL-SF 88000-89499 (originally 86000-89499), 803 cars
remaining in January 1959. Photo and diagram are from the pay side
of the RPI website:

RI: RI 89895-89999, ex-SL-SF panel side rebuilds leased from US
Railway Equipment Co. in 1956, 104 cars remaining in January 1959.
Photo in November 1988 issue of Model RailroadING.

NYCS: NYC 850100-850167, Lot 640-H, rebuilt 1936. Terry Link's
website indicates cars lasted until 1958; no cars in January 1959

NYC 850300-850399, Lot 645-H, rebuilt 1936, 34 cars remaining in
January 1959.

P&LE 37000-38418, Lot 651-H, rebuilt 1937, 1024 cars remaining in
January 1959.
Some cars rebuilt a second time without panel sides during the 1950s:

Thanks to Terry Link for sharing the NYCS information on his website!

MP: MP 58000-58749 (common series with non-rebuilt cars),
USRA "clones", 117 panel side cars remaining in January 1959.

Retired by 1958: C&O, NYC 850210-850299 (Lot 641-H), NYC 850400-
850599 (Lot 646-H), NYC 850600-851180 (Lot 653-H), NYC 851200-851299
(Lot 655-H), P&LE 38500-39499 (Lot 665-H), NYC 850180-850189 (Lot
674-H), NH, WAB.

[The above information covers only USRA twins and "clones". It DOES
NOT cover pre-WWI 30 ft IL cars rebuilt with panel sides by CN, CV,
NYC, or PRR.]

Ben Hom

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