Re: Conversion percentages.

David Smith <dsmith@...>

Most copiers have this sort of bias and anyone photocopying plans should
be aware that, even without reduction, there will commonly be a change
in length in the horizontal (scanning) direction. Repeatedly
photocopying photocopies magnifies the distortion. Photocopying once,
then rotating the copy 90 degrees and copying it again cancels the
distortion but does subtly change the overall scale. Scanners may show
similar effects.

Dave Smith, who knows this from having to reproduce perfect circles for
structural geology classes

David L. Smith, Ph.D.
Director of Professional Development
Da Vinci Discovery Center, Allentown, PA <>

"Who will pick up where Leonardo left off?"

One more thing, a machine I had in my office would be different
reductions in
the two principal directions. 85% LtoR would be about 83% Top to
bottom. That machine got
replaced. But putting lines in both directions will reveal this.

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