Re: Freight car floors


There is also a factor in the way the timber was treated after felling and
after sawing to lumber. The tree trunk may have been stored for several months,
or even years, before it was sawn, to allow the timber to dry out properly.
The same after being sawn to allow any warpage to develop and be flattened
out in the lumber pile.

Modern timber is sawn almost immediately after felling, and then dried in a
kiln. This dries it out all right but only to the extent that as soon as it
comes into contact with damp of any sort it just acts like a sponge and soaks
it up. Next step, warpage. That is tha reason for so many water proofing
treatments nowadays, but they need to be applied as soon as possible after
removing from the kiln or the plastic wrapping.

You are paying a lot of money for lumber that is little better than firewood
of a century ago.


Barry Bennett

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