Re: 8.000/10.000 gallon tank car trucks [Proto 2000].

Tim O'Connor

Arnold, American prototype freight cars trucks use spring "packages"
that contain a lot more than 2 or 3 or 4 springs... They usually are
arranged in 3 rows, like 2 x 3 x 2 or other arrangements. Model trucks
rarely if ever try to show this. Some brass freight car trucks (e.g. W&R)
have experimented with up to 5 coil springs on each side, 10 per truck.

As far as I know the Proto 2000 steam era freight cars have all used
the same "AAR double truss, plankless" design which someone or other
identified as a Scullin sideframe design. Proto also makes a National
Type B truck but I haven't seen it offered with any of the models.

Model manufacturers usually punt on trucks. That's a U.S. expression
for "just kick the ball downfield and hope something good happens".
What it means for prototype modelers is that most models do not come
with the correct trucks. This can only be determined by consulting RR
freight car records, and/or photographs. A secondary problem is that
there are no available models of most freight car trucks in HO (or in
other scales for that matter). A further problem is that many of the
models that do exist are very poorly done. So... punt!

Tim O'Connor

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