Re: Decals for SAL 40ft PS-1 boxcars

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Mark Heiden asked:
"I'm looking for decals to letter a Seaboard Air Line 40ft PS-1 boxcar
from series SAL 24000-24499, built October, 1948. The cars carried
slogans, 24000-24299 lettered The Route of Courteous Service, and
24300-24499 The Route of the Silver Comet. Would Champ HB-8 be
correct for the as-delivered Courteous Service scheme of cars 24000-
24299? Are there any decals that could be used for the Silver Comet
scheme of cars 24300-24499?"

Greg Komar set HO-64/O-64 is specifically designed for these cars.
They're available as both decals and dry transfers:

I don't have the actual set, but if the diagram in Freight Car
Lettering Plan Book 1 reflects what's in the set, the lettering in the
set is for a Class B-8 10 ft IH 1937 AAR boxcar, not a PS-1.

Ben Hom

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