Re: Decals for SAL 40ft PS-1 boxcars


Mark Heiden wrote: I'm looking for decals to letter a
Seaboard Air Line 40ft PS-1 boxcar from series SAL
24000-24499, built October, 1948. The cars carried
slogans, 24000-24299 lettered The Route of Courteous
Service, and 24300-24499 The Route of the Silver
Comet. Would Champ HB-8 be correct for the
as-delivered Courteous Service scheme of cars
24000-24299? Are there any decals that could be used
for the Silver Comet scheme of cars 24300-24499?

Hi Mark,

I strongly recommend you use the Speedwitch D-103
decal set. Ted Culotta made the Speedwitch set from
actual Seaboard photos and drawings and it is far
ahead of the Champ set in accuracy.

The Speedwitch D-103 set isn't made for the B-10 cars
so you'll have to do a bit of minor splicing to get
the right dimensional data and numbers, but it's worth
it the trouble. The Champ HB-8 set is made for the B-8
and B-9 cars. The Speedwitch set doesn't include a
Silver Comet slogan or Silver Star slogan, but I
wouldn't recommend mixing the Champ and Speedwitch
decal sets because they use different shades of white
that will yield bad results.

For the record, you can indeed use the Champ set for
these cars and it will make a fine-looking model. The
advantage to using the Champ set is that they make
Comet and Star slogans, but you'll have the same some
cutting and trimming issues that you'd have using the
Speedwitch set.

Don't forget that all the cars delivred in the first
three lots (24000-25499) were delivered with car
cement roofs.


John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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