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Ted Culotta <tculotta@...>

On Jan 4, 2006, at 9:42 AM, jim peters wrote:


A question for the SP modelers. My current project is an SP B-50-25 boxcar
(SP order P-3040) and I'm looking for the decals of the 1946 to '52
lettering scheme. I couldn't see what I was looking for in the Micro Scale
catalog. CDS has a fair selection of transition era SP, but I would have to
put 2 or 3 sets together for the lettering scheme I want. Seems funny, go
to an Eastern Canadian company to purchase lettering for a boxcar from the
American Southwest. Where do you SP guys go for your decals? Por favor

I have them in hand for these cars, but have not yet released them yet. They will be announced here first once I am ready to ship.

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