Re: 8.000/10.000 gallon tank car trucks

Tim O'Connor

I concur with Richard.

Most of the old Red Ball/Cape Line trucks are just awful in terms of
detail. John Greene brought these back from the dead and most have
no equivalents... but for anything where there is another product, go
for the alternative!! The screws were a real improvement because you
can replace the wheel sets and lubricate the sideframes. And lubrication
(or nylon inserts) is definitely necessary! I've had a hotbox or two using
Cape Line trucks. :-)

Tim O.

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From: Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...>

The spring arrangement is certainly Dalman, but otherwise the side
frame configuration of these ex-Red Ball trucks is, well, weird. I
don't doubt that there was a prototype for them somewhere, as M. Dale
Newton wasn't given to inventing things, but if so I've never found
even one prototype photo or drawing that shows it. So these trucks
are, for all practical purposes, useless.
Richard Hendrickson

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