Re: Dan Hall doors

Tim O'Connor

Pat, I'm just speculating but it sounds like Dan is a one-man show and he
doesn't want little onesie-twosie orders from small shops. Des Plaines Hobbies
buys a bunch of each door, and stocks them all the time. I have seen them
for sale there. When I ordered (6 years ago) it was for a couple pairs of each
door, but even that I'm sure was a tiny order compared to a large hobby shop
or a distributor.

At Naperville Andy C. had a big bag of doors so he obviously likes to order in
bulk! -) I got a bunch of the B-50-24 doors to dress up my Dad's collection
of bogus SP Overnight cars (Athearn, etc) for sale to vesties on Ebay. I'm
hoping to double my investment! :-)

Tim O'Connor

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From: "Patrick Wider" <pwider@...>
OK - I'd really like to see Dan succeed and have my local hobby shop carry his
products. How do they obtain his currently available Superior doors?? The same
info will obviously apply to other willing local hobby shops.
Pat Wider

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