Re: Dan Hall doors

Patrick Wider <pwider@...>

My gosh!!!! What a complete waste of really good detail parts!!!! To think that a bunch of
know-nothing, non-caring, clue-less, horn-hook using, patch-wearing, trainset bozo
"vesties" will ultimately wind up with them sends me into the depths of despair!!!! Life is
not fair! Let them have the original doors complete with door claws for crying out loud!
How else are they going to operate the doors?????? I don't suppose you also replaced the
armor-plated running boards with Kadee's fine parts, did you????? They most certainly
would prefer the original clunky Athearn "roof walks." Then what about the "inner tube"
nondescript brake wheel or the mirror-image brake gear or the square corner post,
or......???? I could go on. Sigh!!!

Pat Wider

At Naperville Andy C. had a big bag of doors so he obviously likes to order in
bulk! -) I got a bunch of the B-50-24 doors to dress up my Dad's collection
of bogus SP Overnight cars (Athearn, etc) for sale to vesties on Ebay. I'm
hoping to double my investment! :-)

Tim O'Connor

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