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While we're at a discussion of colors and being new to the group, I would be interested in hearing some recipes for general "Gunk" and "grime" colors applied to wheels, trucks and under frames (including couplers) using water soluble or acrylic paints such as Model Flex or Polly S. I'm certain this has been discussed on this group before but being new, I would appreciate hearing what folks use for this application.

Thanking you in advance

Jeff Leaman

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From: Mike Brock<>
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2006 5:25 PM
Subject: [STMFC] ADMIN: Creosote and wood preservatives

While things have quited down somewhat, I guess it's time to terminate the
discussions about the chemical makeup of creosote and various other wood

OTOH, the color of flat car flooring is entirely within the scope of this
group. Someone noted that the only thing that really matters is...what
should the appearance be...not what is the actual substance used...or not
used. While that conclusion is worthy, it is not entirely correct. The
group's charter does include the study of the prototype including such
things as the types of materials used in car construction. Nevertheless, we
do seem to have explored this subject rather least to the
degree of the analysis of chemical preservatives.

I will add, though, that I plan to pursue color photographs of flat car
decks, I will point them out and will be interested in examples that other
members find. I would, however, caution the members that we're only
interested in photos of cars in our time period.


Mike Brock

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