NKP/WLE 78000 series 70 ton hopper

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

I am building a model of one of the NKP/WLE 78000 series 70 ton hoppers in
HO. The Spring 1993 issue of the NKHTS magazine contained an article on
these cars. The text and NKP diagram I have state the trucks were ASF basic
cast steel trucks with integral journal boxes. Based on the photo's in the
article I think the trucks ASF A-3's but they may be A-3 ride control
trucks. I can't tell the difference, and I think the only models available
in HO are the Kato A-3 ride control trucks anyway. Can anyone confirm what
trucks are on these cars?
Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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