ASF basic trucks was NKP/WLE 78000 series 70 ton hopper

Larry Kline

Does anyone have good photos of _ASF basic_ trucks from the 1944 to 1949 period? They are listed in the ASF ad in the 1946 CBCyc. The trucks are listed as _cast steel ASF basic_ for the following groups of former W&LE cars in the NKP diagram book revised to 1962.
23000-23499 40 ft box cars built 9-44 to 1-45
63650-64399 twin hoppers built 1947
78000-78999 triple hoppers built built 11-47 to 1-47
79000-80999 triple hoppers built built 1948
75000-75499 gons built 4-49 to 5-49
Photos of all of these cars show a truck which has the ASF rounded spring seat but doesn't seem to have the triangular wedge pockets inside the ends of the bolsters. The NKP diagram book lists ASF A-3 trucks for many NKP cars built during the same period and the W&LE 23500-23748 40 ft box cars built in 1948.

Brian Carlson asked:
I am building a model of one of the NKP/WLE 78000 series 70 ton hoppers in HO. The Spring 1993 issue of the NKHTS magazine contained an article on these cars. The text and NKP diagram I have state the trucks were ASF basic cast steel trucks with integral journal boxes. Based on the photo's in the article I think the trucks ASF A-3's but they may be A-3 ride control trucks.

Richard Hendrickson replied:
ASF made a variety of different ARA/ARA spec. trucks, but the ASF A-3s were all "Ride Control" trucks with built-in bolster snubbers. A couple of distinctive features of the A-3s were a rounded spring seat that protruded from the bottom of the side frames below the springs and a pair of triangular wedge pockets inside the ends of the bolsters.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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