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David J. Starr <dstarrboston@...>

Thanks for the quick response. I'm basically a powder weatherer, but I would like to apply a sort of
base color to underframes, trucks and wheels. I then will weather portions of the equipment based on

the commodity carried, location through which the car traveled, etc, etc. After a base color, everything

gets a touch of Bragdon's stuff or some of the other weathering powders I have accumulated.
Thanks again
Dark gray auto primer makes a good starting base coat for the under side of cars, and for canvas roofs such as were found on milk cars, wooden passenger cars and the like. The primer comes in spray cans for those few that lack air brushes. It is opaque enough to cover virtually any other color, dries dead flat, and offers a good base coat for chalks, water based or solvent based paint. Just one coat sprayed on the bottom of a plastic kit car kills the plastic gloss and looks better than the usual black plastic. Despite the solvent base of the primer, it has never attacked plastic. I get the stuff in spray cans at hardware stores or auto parts stores.

David Starr

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