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Patrick Wider <pwider@...>

This version of model railroading folk-law is not entirely true. The error was discovered
when I attempted to fit an InterMountain roof to the Branchline 41' box car and
immediately exclaimed, "Someone is wrong." Ed Hawkins was sitting to my right at the
time. I quickly determined who was the "villain" after I retrieved a dial caliper from my
basement. Ed passed on the "bad news" to Branchline.

Regarding "hurtful" criticism of a product, most manufacturers realize that if they can't
stand the heat, they should get out of the kitchen and they don't take it personally. Some
manufacturers ignore the heat and keep making junk. That's their niche. Others take
pride in what they do and try their darndest to correct or avoid errors in the first place.
Being human, having limited resources, and subject to "Murphy's Law", some errors
ultimately slip through. I know first hand. In aviation, they can kill people; with toy trains,
the penalties are much less severe. A 41' toy box car is one example of the latter.

Pat Wider

Or tried to fit another manufacturer's roof to it (IMWX?), which is
how Ed Hawkins discovered the error. Parts that are interchangeable at
the prototype level should theoretically be interchangeable on our
models, within the limitations of how model manufacturers design their

Tom Madden

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