Re: ASF basic trucks was NKP/WLE 78000 series 70 ton hopper

Larry Kline

Thanks for the reply. I have the 1940 Cyc, I should have checked.
Actually, the truck shown at the top of p1120, i.e. the one that looks
like an A-3 without the triangular enclosures for the friction wedges,
is apparently the ASF basic truck. It is the truck that is shown in
several photos of the W&LE cars I listed in my earlier email.

Dennis Storzek wrote:
How about just going back to the common (Kalmbach reprint) 1940 CBC? On
the page (Sec. 15-1120) is the ASF ad that shows [snip] what appear to
be side frames of identical pattern to the A-3 truck, although they
probably don't have the wear surfaces for the later Ride Control
wedges, which don't show anyway on a model. Also illustrated is a side
frame that matches the drawings on the previous pages, labeled "Double
Truss Side Frame for freight cars". This is most likely what ASF was
calling the "Basic Truck"; a set of castings to make a truck of the
basic AAR design without any ASF proprietary improvements.

BTW, I'm going to be surprised and disappointed if I can't see the
triangular enclosures for the friction wedges on the upcoming O scale
ASF A-3 trucks from San Juan.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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