Another IM ACF type 27 question


To all who helped, thanks for the earlier info...interestingly the
table in the RPCyc.#2 article doesn't exactly match the photo caption
of the Navy Gas & Supply cars with respect to build dates for cars in
the first series. I went with the photo caption as that is what IM
printed on the cars;-)

Now I've got another one painted for Belcher Oil Co. of Florida (BEPX
107, 10K car). Does anyone have a photo of one of these cars? There is
no reference to Belcher in the RPCyc. article and I'm wondering if
these came with four or two straps (build date of 9-30 on the model
would make me think it was four bands - model has two)and if these
cars had K or AB brakes. Correct trucks?
Thanks in advance
Stefan Lerche'
Duncan, BC

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