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Peter Weiglin

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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 23:03:58 -0800
From: Anthony Thompson <>
Subject: Re: WWII Freight Car Utilization
Jared Harper wrote:

In trying to track down this info. I have been looking at several
sources. One is America's Fighting Railroads by Don DeNevi.
Apparently it's been reprinted four times although I can't see why.
A good many of the photos are not WWII vintage, but prewar. The
photo captions are screwy also . . . My suggestion is don't bother looking at this one.
That's our boy DeNevi. Consistent in his books, if nothing else.
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And before someone jumps on Tony as an author/publisher criticizing another, let me, as another author/publisher, that it ain't just competitive juices flowing. In fact, many of us believe that Tony showed admirable restraint!

Peter Weiglin
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