Re: Private owner tank cars

Bruce F. Smith V.M.D., Ph.D. <smithbf@...>

Hi Richard,

I've agreed to work up
the data for a Microscale set covering the most common late steam era tank
car lessors - GATX, UTLX, SHPX, and NATX - but haven't found the time to do
it as yet. I'll probably get to this pretty soon, though, as I have some
tank car projects of my own which I hope to get time for later this year.
Too many projects, too little time.
Don't I know it! BTW, I find MacinTax to be very helpful this time of year
(as I'm sure is TurboTax, the PC version) interfaces directly with
Quicken, and even though my taxes are not seriously complicated, it turns a
10 hour task into around a 2 to 3 hour task...and I can use the rest of my
time working on that kitbash!

Happy Rails

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