Re: Which tank cars?

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Whenever a student plans to correct his professor he must tread carefully and be very aware of the points in his argument. So, stepping gingerly:

Richard Hendrickson notes:

Vendome was indeed a Tulsa company, but they had nothing to do with the
AGCX cars. Those reporting marks were assigned to the Akin Gasoline
Co., whose cars were operated for them in 1950 by the Ohio Tank Car Co.
Perhaps so. However, according to my 1953 ORER, the reporting marks for AGCX are listed under the Vendome Tank Car Co. of Tulsa, OK, as of Jan 1953. There is no listing for Akin [ or Akinback ] Gasoline Co. so perhaps Vendome had acquired them...or their 65 cars by then. Nor is there an Ohio Tank Car Co. Unfortunately, the photo does not show the name of the company on either car.

Mike Brock

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