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On Jan 21, 2006, at 5:19 PM, Brian J Carlson wrote:

I was looking at Richard Hendrickson's article on insulated tank
in the
Nov. 2005 RMJ and noted the 2 Texaco cars and the GATX former
car had
Dalman 2 level trucks. I know making generalizations on 3
photograph's is
dangerous but were Dalman trucks common on the Texaco cars?  
there have additional photo's of Texaco or GATX (former Texaco)
tank cars.
Several series of TCX cars ordered by Texaco from AC&F ca. 1929-
both insulated and non-insulated, had Dalman two level trucks. I
a number of photos besides the ones in the RMJ article.

Incidentally the GATX car is 37154, which is one of the number
used on
their insulated tank cars that I picked up today. Looks like
have to
add the steam coil attachment. Does anyone make an aftermarket
for it?
No, but it you'll make a pattern for it and mold some in resin, I'd
sure like to get a couple!

Richard Hendrickson
You might also think about making a new dome for the car,
as one can see from the builders photos of the Texaco cars
that it is the wrong size, it's larger.
For anyone interested in the new Life-Like 10k insulated
tanks, the best choices for prototype fidelity are the MPCX,
SDRX, and EORX cars. They are all very good right out of
the box, with a few minor fixes.
One has to update the wooden placard holders to the
replacement metal ones, as they did in the 40's and 50's.
Also the SDRX is a specification IV car and will require
the addition of the pressure unloading pipe on the dome,
that would take you all of 10 minutes to fix (it's showing
on the builders photo behind the safety valves). And as for
the EORX cars, they need heater coils, with the appropriate
pipes extending out between and under the bottom of the
underframe. To bad the lettering is missing the correct
heater coil test data.


Jerry Stewart

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